54: Will Butler: Policy

Obviously tired of the sonic spheres and aural palettes he regularly releases out into the stratosphere when with Arcade Fire in his day job WB apparently wanted to strap everything down for a while and record the most straight forward garage rock album he could. While that may be relative, and the most straight forward garage rock he could make still sees synthesisers frequently rear their dirty heads into view like particularly shameful deformed step-children that Butler keeps chained up in the attic, this is generally very straight-up stuff. Definitely diverting and a brilliantly accomplished collection of ever-so-slightly meat and potatoes indie, though it’s hardly going to move, move, move any mountain and I’ve already forgotten what I’m talking about…

‘Fun’ Fact: It can’t be good for your confidence if your parents name your brother ‘Win’

28 minutes? I ain’t got time for that shit… Then ‘What I Wantmay be (wait for it, wait for it, wait for it) what you want

Album Link

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