Oh yes, this is largely unsubtle, unpretentious fun that’s harming nobody, like seeing if you can eat a bowl of nuts using only your tongue, or perhaps just spending the evening carefully and methodically inserting said nuts into your rectum. AWOLNATION are certainly unafraid of sounding a little ridiculous, you just hope the laughs they frequently illicit with their blasts of bombast (Blasts of Bombast were a brilliant band) are always intentional. This is the type of album you’d imagine Freddie Mercury’s Queen would be making in 2015, and I’m aware how much of a double edged compliment that is. It’s impossible to truly dislike this collection, there’ll always be a track to raise something of a smile.

‘Fun’ Fact: Singer Aaron Bruce was given the name ‘AWOL’ in school due to always being late and started to use the moniker in rap battle. Rap battles!!

I haven’t smiled since mother was eaten alive by that awful man pretending to be Bradley Walsh, you really think any one track will return a smirk to these cold and crusty lips? Try Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)

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