53: Years & Years: Communion

There’s something undeniably and inherently dislikeable about Years & Years: maybe it’s the association with the Brit Awards Critics’ Choice (bleugh!) award, which in the past has seen the nation’s most respected and influential people that could be easily and cheaply contacted at short notice choose whichever acts will irritate everyone the most over the next 12 months (Sam Smith, Tom Odell, Jessie J); perhaps it’s the fact that they generally look like spotty students accosting you outside Boots trying to get you to sign a petition banning the student union bar from playing ‘Jump Around‘ by House of Pain; maybe it’s because singer Olly Alexander once acted in fucking Skins. Whatever the reason, they frequently disarm that hatred by crafting music that’s close to divine, commercial without sounding soullessly contrived and bridging pop and dance rather irritatingly well. The album isn’t a constant success, but its highs are magnificently high.

Hmmm… ‘If your girl steps up I’m slapping the ho’… Maybe that song should be banned…

‘Fun’ Fact: Olly Alexander’s acting talents aren’t limited to ‘Skins’: he once played a ‘demanding shopper’ in the ‘Google Analytics in Real Life Site Search’ corporate video, and most intriguingly appeared in the film ‘Funny Bunny’ as a character called ‘Titty’.

‘Its highs are magnificently high’? I find that very hard to believe… Shine‘ is one of the best pop songs of recent years

Album Link

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