52: Balthazar: Thin Walls

This album was recorded in sporadic bursts whenever the Belgian band had any time off at all from their hectic touring schedule, so it’s a mystery how despite being born from such chaos their third album sees them sound like the world’s most laid back band. Not so much relaxed per se, more that this album is the sound of someone who’s partied hard all night and at 5am is really considering whether it’s time to go to bed now. Chamber pop par excellence that perhaps peaks at track five and tails off ever so slightly but is still a wonderful collection, though one that’s probably best used to perfectly pass the time rather than truly lose yourself in

‘Fun’ Fact: ‘Name a famous Belgium’ has been scientifically proven as the most boring thing it’s possible to say, especially if you follow it by smugly declaring ‘Not counting Poirot!!’

Peaks at track five? What’s that then? Wait Any Longer‘. You know you could really just look that up?

Album Link

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