51: Micachu & The Shapes: Good Sad Happy Bad

M & The S’s (totally what the kids are calling them) debut album ‘Jewellery’ was an avant-garde masterpiece in 2009, but now sounds about as commercially viable as Phil Collins’s ‘No Jacket Required’ in comparison to the esoteric and doggedly anti-listenable directions Mica Levi’s pulled the band in since. Their sound- hardly Last Night of the Proms to begin with- has been stripped back and then stripped back and then stripped back and then oh JESUS stripped back some more until it’s now so minimalist that it’s practically offensive. Micachu is obviously aiming to make it sound as if she’s putting as little effort as absolutely possible into her music: is this a challenging masterpiece or just plain lazy?? Fuck! This album is fucking impossible to review!

‘Fun’ Fact: Mica Levi aka Micachu composed the absolute-stone-solid-gold genius score to ‘Under the Skin‘, which makes this album all the more mystifying and infuriating

So can you, like, even recommend just one song off that? Probably not, but at least ‘Oh Baby‘ will give you an idea of what the album’s about

Album Link

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