46: Drake: If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late

It’s always delightful when a rapper decides that his main albums are a little too short, exhibit far too much direction and don’t contain nearly enough songs, so releases a mix album that satisfies all the fans who wished his major releases were a little more rambling and less focused. But seriously though folks ‘If You’re…’ is actually rather marvellous in places, and it’s never less than fascinating to hear Drake without the commercial constraints of his major label works. There’s no hit single or club banger here, the tone is very much one of a guy crawling back from the pub and deciding that he really can’t be arsed with it all. Drake also did another album this year, but… y’know…

‘Fun’ Fact: Like all the best Americans, Drake is Canadian

OK, picture this: you’re a record company executive with a gun to his head and you have to pick ONE song to be the lead single, which one is it? This is a scenario I can only imagine playing out every day in music company boardrooms across the world. ‘Preach just might fit the bill.

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