74 Glasser: Sextape

“It used to be very open, (AOL) Instant Messenger. You could just, like, access people very easily…ย  There was no privacy… Anyone could just click on someone’s name, like, I want to go to the forum that they’re in. You could just go into people’s lives like that, there was no filter, no privacy protection”


We hear a lot about how we’re losing a lot of our privacy in the modern world, how Cambridge Analytica and Facebook are combining (with possible help from Vladamir Putin) to erase all semblances of the private life that human’s have cherished so for thousands of years.

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Oh! It’s MIA backwards! I’ve literally only just got that





Hey ladies, hey fellas (you know you’re doing good because they’re jealous)


I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news: Mildred Ingrid Addison, whom you all may know as MIA, once one of the most exciting, ingenious, influential and visionary artists making music, is now around 86% ridiculous


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