#26 Ibeyi: Spell 31

OK, so Sister 2 Sister is track four and it just sends me, knowarra mean? When that chorus hits and it’s all like:

Dancing in front of the mirror
Singing along with Shakira

Already I love, love, love love it. What an adorably succinct and heartwarming depiction of sisterly love. And ‘sisterly’ love doesn’t need to refer to literal siblings (even if it might do originally for Ibeyi’s twin sisters Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Diaz), but that sorority that can exist between friends. I mean, I guess. I grew up with two brothers and all my friends at school were boys (I was terrified of girls until…

…OK, so I guess that never went away), so I guess a song from my perspective would have the chorus “Not showering all week/Wanking to Maxim magazine” or something. Don’t get caught up in these genders, it’s a social construct, be whatever gender you’re comfortable with. My main joke here is ‘I’m a fucking dolt whereas Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Diaz are fucking heavenly’. Anyway, the next line forces us to look back on the extraordinary career of Ibeyi:

Washing our souls in the river

The line forces us to think back to River (“Come to you river (Wash my soul)/I will come to your river (Wash my soul)“) from the duo’s 2014 debut album. It makes you realise what an extraordinary creative journey the sisters have been on in their career. ‘Spell 31’ completes the trilogy that I have completely made up, and they further perfect their sound – both timeless and timely – even further. Also, the twins aren’t even thirty years old yet! So fuck them, right?

Then, your very soul is shaken:

Washing our souls in the riv-


Seriously, the way they enunciate that second ‘river’ introduces me to God. The chorus finishes with absolute essential information:

Bitch plan the future every day
“Twins are the same” is a cliché
Here’s how you say it: Ibeyi

I’ve been pronouncing it wrong for eight years. I’ve always thought it was eye-bay-ee. Turns out it’s more like ee-bay-ee. I originally thought the song was cheapened somewhat by the constant shout outs to eBay. No wonder everyone has been ignoring me when I try to convince people to listen to them…


2017 #14

2015 #24

Metacritic: 80

Shit, forgot to mention! Three albums? All on Necessary Evil? You know what that means!

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