The NE2022 Half-Time Show: Kitty Aurora’s Counterpoint

As all of my loyal readers know, what I say goes and I am the absolute and only authority on what equals good music. I’ve written this blog for almost a decade now, my lists go back to 2007, it’s clear that I know what I’m talking about, these pages deal solely on facts and not on feelings, and everyone else’s takes are merely ‘opinion’ and are generally invalid. But is that always the case?

Yes, obviously. But I am a fair and balanced broadcaster, and will at a push accept that there might be some music that I’ve missed. So, so the halftime show, I’ve invited my good friend, fabulous artist and – most importantly – the absolute oracle of underground British rock music that is Kitty Aurora to show us all what other weird and wonderful music deserves our attention.

Cam Cole

First discovered on a bored, weekday scroll of twitter in 2019, from a 2 minute clip prior to a UNILAD video that shook Cam’s world completely, I was absolutely blown away and almost offended that someone of that level of talent was playing on a pavement outside of a bank in London with change being thrown into a guitar case. 

The track – which was an original called Anticipating doesn’t appear on Cam’s debut album ‘I See’ but I knew I immediately needed to find the CD in the guitar case. Lucky for me, there WAS a website so immediately bought everything I could get my grubby mitts on. 

The Black Keys/Kyuss type sound that felt misplaced on a street corner quickly became addictive and sure enough, even despite a global pandemic, Cam carried on through, recording his rehearsals and jams, as well as recording his second phenomenal album ‘Crooked Hill’ . Soon as was possible, the hippy powerhouse started a UK tour in Winter 2021, going over to America in early 2022 for his first US tour and completing a second UK one by the end of 2022. 

With 4 EPs coming over the course of the next year, into the hat trick third album in Summer 2023 and plans of European tours, another US tour and something special in the works, currently known only as The New Age Collective, Cam is showing absolutely no sign of stopping and as he hones his craft to include more experimental sounds into his established bluesy sound, he stands to be one to age like a fine wine within the blues and metal scene. 

“He’s your generations….” 

“He’s not my generations anything.

He’s Cam Cole. That’s his legacy. That name will be up there one day with giants”


I would recommend you listen to the back catalogue in its entirety to experience the mood ring magnetic energy but I’m giving a nod to these few



Truth Be Told 

Now That We’re Here 

I See 

Oak tree


f### you motherf######


Making a name as an incredible videographer, but having roots in music, with a flow Hendrix would be proud of, the artistic, melancholy vibes of the track that are currently public, Aly’s debut song Strugglebus is a strong contender for throwing his signature hats into the ring for a spot in the emerging London music scene. 

The music video (which he entirely shot & edited himself) shows a flair for the macabre and the interesting as well as a penchant for style and mesmerising guitar solos, I think we have a lot to look forward to in what he comes up with next. Definitely one to watch.

The Big Push

God bless YouTube autoplay, The Big Push were my second realisation that the GOOD music isn’t on the radio… It’s in the streets. 

In this case Ship Street in Brighton. 

The quartet, made up of Ren, Romain Axisa, Gorran Kendall and drummer Glenn Chambers, constantly changing energy from classic era sounds like The Rolling Stones and Gene Vincent to Black Sabbath to drum and bass, there seemed to be nothing these lads couldn’t turn their attention to. Their EP ‘Can Do, Will Do‘ from 2021 reflected this energy perfectly as well as allowing the lads to flex their song writing styles. The way they worked together and the friendship just made the way their sound developed into it’s own energy that would make even the most miserable people start dancing in the street on a bleak Tuesday afternoon outside Boots. 

And just because they are good at the “outside party” don’t underestimate them. By September 2022, just before their hiatus, they sold out 2000 capacity, one night only show at the Brighton Dome which was the greatest hurrah they could have gotten before their departures. 

As I write this in December 2022, Ren is currently in Canada undergoing health treatment and working on his new album and Romain has just completed one (I’ll talk about that in a moment) but while you wait for them to come back, they have a 21 track live album of their busks as well as their EP to enjoy.



Heart Attack 

Sweet Little Lady 


XBOX Marijuana

The Deniros

“Are you talkin to us?” 

Well you’ll definitely be talking ABOUT them. Grabbing a 2000s indie spark, shoving it in a vintage fitted suit and kicking it into the street is the energy here.

The whole of the vibe of The Deniro’s is community, like old school parties of past gone days but brought back to life and given a coat fresher than wet paint for a new generation who want some soul in their rock & roll. It’s raw, pure and unprocessed. Just as rock and soul music is supposed to be.  With their debut album out in March 2023 and some coming tours planned, I think we can expect them to ignite the airwaves in the very near future 



Kings & Queens 

Spiders Web

Here with you 



Is your soul craving the 80s but without the gas shortages and Thatcherism? 

Do you like bright colours, the band Madness, saxophones and dancing? Sure you absolutely do and A.R.T taking the word Boogie and getting their shoe prints all over it with a funky flow and chaotic bonfire that frontman Alfie (A.RT) brings onto the stage, bawling through a megaphone, setting the crowd ablaze every time, bouncing the energy back and forward throughout the entire room, the 6 lads always cause a raucous that can soon become addictive. With their recent Glastonbury audition, I can imagine 2023 is gonna be a good year for A.R.T


Nothing Better to Do 

Lewis Lambrini


Speak Out 


Mike West

Described as “not country enough, not blues enough, too heavy,” 

The self proclaimed ‘Bastard Country’ musician has cemented his own name for himself for having soul beyond his years and a sound like a north England Colter Wall, using that to tell his own stories rather than the plains and Appalachian mountains, he uses his sound to sing about things our souls can relate to; loving and friends, terrible jobs and the state of society, blended together into his own distinct brand of folk that will stick with you long after you’ve played The Next Life or left a venue he’s graced the stage in. 

With some monster folklore for good measure. 

He also has a podcast called Rogue Country where he interviews other musician’s he knows or tours with which is a really cool listen. 

With a new album coming in 2023, I’m excited to hear what he’s got brewing


Ballad of a White Collar Arsonist


How to Build a Gulliotine

No Grave 

Rock Ferry

Work On

Bilk 🐌

(snail emoji artist’s own)

The unhinged Essex punk three piece somehow exploded onto the scene and got a strong fanbase seemingly overnight. Known as the “snail gang” it would seem people relate to Bilk in a way even they might not have realised, turning the mundane like nights out, living on the dole, hanging around with your mates, having a laugh and a smoke into earworms that make you wanna jump up and smash all your living room furniture at 9am on a Tuesday. With their debut album and tour in February, I think there’s something big cooking in the Bilk kitchen and it ain’t snails



Be Someone 


Hummus and Pitta

I Got Knocked Out the Same Night England Did

Honourable Mentions:

Seb Lowe – “the hardest man in indie” 

Really really hates the government and found a way to channel that into what the kids would call bangers 

Romain Axisa – everyone’s favourite Victorian aunt. With The Big Push, Romain channels a level of manic insanity that is hugely infectious. With his EPs, ‘Colours and Metamorphosis‘ (plus his coming album) there’s a lot about running away, finding yourself, breaking your heart and rebuilding it. Set to riffs that are nostalgic and almost sickeningly sweet. 

Ren – again, whole different vibe with The Big Push. They swap guitars and who sings alot of the time. Give Ren his own reins, he’s mixing his musical talents together and giving us rap music with a flow I think only Eminem can keep up with (I’ve tried) and with most songs either tearing his own heart out and dumping in on the table, still beating along with yours with it if you happen to relate to his songs. You might actually need to block half an hour to sit and stare at the wall with some of them. 

Or holding a mirror up to society and basically telling you, you aren’t insane this is actually what’s going on

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