10 SPELLLING: Mazy Fly

Hey kids, SPELLLING is fun.


You know what the extra ‘L’ in ‘SPELLLING’ stands for, right? Exactly. It stands for ‘loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool’. Yeah, I know, there’s a reason they call me ‘Lolacoaster Tycoon’. They probably throw a ‘banter’ pun in there as well, but to be honest all the good ones have already been taken and I don’t want to spend this entire ‘review’ trying to ‘remember’ what they said, you understand? ‘Eric Banterna’ has definitely been taken, hasn’t it? That’s a shame, as that one would have really suited me. The ‘Wine Debanter‘? No, that doesn’t quite work…

Tia Cabral’s second album is absolutely astonishing. One of the most intriguing, less obvious and all round ‘Bizarrely Banging’ (c/o Wesley Morris: ‘The Bizarre Bangingness of Beutifying Beats‘ (2008)) albums released in 2019 or, to be honest, most other years. I actually feel that I’ve made some kind of mistake placing this album as low as tenth, but glad that it at least stands as one of the year’s ten greatest musical achievements of the year. In year’s past, I’ve felt the need to specifically tell you when a line was being drawn in the sand, when this list of great albums unequivocally (and, if needed, aggressively) becomes a list of fucking essential albums. If an album this good is as low as this, then you can be assured that albums nine though one are fucking pussy slayers! ‘Mazy Fly’ is absolutely perfect.

Oh yes, that’s number 7, definitely…



Some have argued that it isn’t a perfect album (which, to be honest, are the worst reviews this universally fellated album got), that because it attempts to cram in so many ideas and reference so many styles it occasionally loses it’s way and becomes cluttered under its own ambition. I would accept these as legitimate issues for someone who has only heard the album once. When a car drove past that was playing it. And they had stuck two live prawns in each ear. And they were dead. And they were lying. Having lived with the arresting musical statement of ‘Mazy Fly’ since February, I can’t for the life of me work out where these imperfections are adjudged to be. ‘Mazy Fly’ is insanely ambitious, but never overambitious, and every ball that Tina Cabral fires at herself she manages to knock out of the park with ease.


That’s all I need to say. That’s all I have to say! ‘Mazy Fly’ is so good that any attempt to describe how good it is will be doomed to fail and will probably only take away from it. Just listen to it. And buy it. Then thank me. By sending me money. Or sexual favours. Preferably both. This entry will end up not much longer than 500 words which- let’s be honest- is all every post needs to fucking be!! I remember back in the heady, beautiful days of 2015, when every entry was shorter than this and I got this stupid fucking thing finished on December 13th. Won’t you let me go back to those days again, please?

Metacritic: 84




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