15 Son Lux: Brighter Wounds

Son Lux are a little ridiculous. No, they’re hugely ridiculous. They’re unashamedly dramatic, oppressively portentous, and sing of ‘priest and priestesses’ and ‘phantom muses’. Every song will go ‘whoooooooooooooooah-ah-whoooooooah’ at least once. They make music that Andrew Lloyd Webber would turn down for the Phantom of the Opera sequel (‘P3: Phantom Resurrects Intolerably’) for being a bit much. They were all probably unbearable at college. Heck, they’re all probably unbearable now.


They’re all these things and more. Plus, if anything, more silly than you’d think. It must be hard for even their biggest fans to hold in a smirk when the singer is brave enough to break out his biggest operatic falsetto at the end of Dream State. They may be the least cool artist on this list.

They are also absolutely fucking amazing.

‘Brighter Wounds’ might have unashamedly epic pretensions, but they’re actually realised. It’s actually and undeniably a gorgeously operatic, affecting masterpiece. The fact that it was so obviously designed that way, and isn’t afraid to pull these strings as hard as possible, shouldn’t take away from its achievements.

You might try to convince yourself that you hate it. You might already be averse to it before even attempting to give it a listen. That’s because Son Lux have an identity and actually dare to sound a little different. I’ve already stated how important it is for a band to have a good logo. That’s base level identity forming. You can do an impression of Son Lux singer Ryan Lutt. That shit band that you love? You can’t do an impression of them, can you?


44 minutes

Yeah, this post was rubbish, wasn’t it? I’ll try better next time, promise, Remember, don’t judge the music on how shite the write up is. Listen to it yourself. Come to your own conclusions. I mean, this album’s pretty high, isn’t it? Must be pretty good, no??


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