31 Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly & James McAllister: Planetarium

Your Ridicule Can’t Hurt Me


Yeah, so this is unashamedly bombastic and almost aggressively pretentious collaboration between Sufjan (yes, him again already), a guy from The National, and other guys you’re obviously not cool enough to know about.


I fucking love this album. I love its scope, I love its ambition, I love how flowery and effete it is, I love how laughably grandiose it can seem at times

I also love how freakin’ beautiful it is, and how gorgeous it sounds, and how strong the songwriting so frequently is despite you presuming it would be a throwaway arty-farty fucking about. Perhaps that’s what it is, but it’s a credit to all the people involve that it still manages to be this good.

If a little pretension and self-importance gives you the hives, then maybe this album isn’t for you. But then you are most probably a crushingly dull person who finds it hard to think of reasons to enjoy anything, so you immiiately dismissing this album will be just a small blip on your road to an eventual sad and lonely death

This. This. This is what music exists for


Age: 41 (Bryce Dessner) + 36 (Nico Muhly) + 42 (Sufjan Stevens= 119 (+85)

James McAllister, sadly, doesn’t appear to have an age

Album Length: 76 minutes (+50)

What? It’s about the whole universe!! They should be commended for keeping it so short!

Very Good Songs: 6 (+12)

Brilliant Songs: 7 (+35)

AMAZING Songs: 0

% of Album Worthwhile: 76.4705882353



Stock image much?


Previous Entries: Sufjan: 2015 No.1, 2017 No.38, The National: 2013 No.21, 2010 No.7

(ho-hoah! High rolling that year, Mr. National!)


Meta Critic: 72

I Passed My Fucking OISC Exam: +30


Remember when I talked about my bucket list? Well, I’m getting there (and barely passing still counts as passing!!)





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