The Legit Bosses: Best Tracks of the Year (104-91)

104 Let’s Eat Grandma: Uke 6 Textbook

It’s the album’s opening track– yeah?- only played on ukulele. That kind of shit is always going to play well to me

103 DIIV: Under the Sun

That freaking riff though! How do we not all hate this song due to it being inescapable?? What is wrong with the world!!

102 Ital Tek: Jenova

101 Luke Haines: Bomber Jacket

I’ve no idea why I love this song so much, but I do, so shut up

100 Pusha T: F.I.F.A

‘Drug money kicked around like it’s F.I.F.A’. I have to admit, I much preferred this song when I believed it was taking a satirical swipe at the corruption and dark dealings of the football overlords, rather than simply making a simple reference to ‘kicking’ and probably more to do with the video game. Still, a certified banger nontheless

99 Tourist: Run

How come YouTube covers up the naughty bits in this video, but lets them all hang out when Justin Timberlake* or that sex pest with the ginger beard is involved? Is this video pornographic? Am I a pervert?

*Women have had their bazongas out in Timber’s video, I should specify: Justin’s penis is as of time of writing unavailable to view on YouTube

98 Jenny Hval: Period Piece

97 Yeasayer: Uma

The slower track on the utterly amazing ‘Amen and Goodbye’ album that stands out as it proves how beautiful the band can be

96 Mitski: Happy

Although on another day I might have gone for Your Best American Girl, it really is a superb album


That bit about 57 seconds in when the killer melody kicks in: ‘Oh if you’re going take the train/So I can hear it rumble, one last rumble’

95 Skepta: It Ain’t Safe

94 Esperanza Spalding: Earth to Heaven

One of the frequent moments on the album where Ms Spalding masterfully marries musical genius with just the right amount of crazy

93 Virginia Wing: Lily of Youth

Aw, Aw, Aw, Aw, Aw-Oh-U-Woah!

92 Kevin Morby: I Have Been To The Mountain

The album was largely forgettable, but it did contain one absolute storming banger of a track


2:01, Oh you brought a choir?! How thoughtful!

91 Kate Tempest: Whoops

I was initially in two minds whether to include this track on the list of Legit Bosses, but it gets better and better each time I hear it. It’s Tempest’s take on a Streets-like tale of working class debauchery, though telling that while Skinner would tell it like it was someone’s one night a week of touching the stars, Kate ensures that it’s merely a tale of depressing waste


Next: 90-81


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