35 Ital Tek: Hollowed

It has been said that Ital Tek is ‘the sound of Brexit’, which I’m not sure I agree with, but it offers me a good opportunity to waffle on about it



For some reason, I thought that Ital Tek was European- perhaps it was the funny sounding name, and the desolate yet achingly beautiful soundscapes that always sound a little Scandinavian to me- so I was planning to introduce this wonderful album as the sound of the EU. The bastard’s actually from Brighton, so I had to make a late change


If your immediate response to Brexit is that it was simply racist, then you yourself are part of the reason for it


If you think that 50-whatever % of the country voted to leave the EU for racist reasons<not going to Google that?- Ed>, then you’re not only an idiot but you’re completely shutting down the debate and ignoring the existence and legitimacy of more than half the country’s complaints


Did people vote to leave the European Union because they hate foreigners? Were 50-something % <again, quick Google, it’d take less than a second- Ed> of the country stupid enough to believe that voting leave would immediately evaporate all non-British people like their performance of Johnny B Goode had failed to get their parents together? It seems like nearly everyone who voted remain believes that the people who voted leave simply didn’t understand what they were doing. The vote for Brexit should have been a shock to the system that showed how divided we’ve become as a nation and everyone needed to make great efforts to bridge the gaping chasm. Instead, it’s only solidified the belief that half the country simply know better, and that the 51.9% are merely uneducated yokels who have messed up the country for the properly educated Southerners by marking the wrong section of the ballet paper with their fat dirty stablehand fingers





First of all, there should never have been a vote in the first place, membership of the EU should have always just been accepted as a constant, and the idea of voting on it should have always seemed as arbitrary as voting on which hole you put food in or whether to execute David Attenborough


Instead, it was turned into an emotional vote. For some fucking ridiculous reason we were asked to vote whether Britain or Europe would win in a fight


Quite rightly, everyone fucking hates Europe: far too big a percentage of it is taken up by fucking French people, and Germany’s just mincing around like we don’t all know what they did! And don’t get me started on Belgium!



The people of Britain were given a simple choice: stay the way things are, or roll the dice for the prospect of any change. 51.9% of Britain thought

fuck it.jpg


And the rest of the country, instead of taking time to reflect on why so many of those funny poor people chose to roll the dice on their own future, why 51.9% of the country just wants change, instead lamented how the working class had ‘let the country down’ and how they felt ‘ashamed’


Many pundits squawked about how they ‘didn’t recognise my country any more’. Nobody made any effort to rectify that ignorance


Yeah, there was a great deal of racism involved- on both sides, because as I have explained every white person is at least a little racist


– but calling people ‘racist’ is just a lazy way to delegitimise their complaint and make no effort to address it. It’s what politicians do to avoid tackling deeper issues, it’s why ‘immigration’ is always treated as the biggest issue, because it provides a smoke screen to the government’s own failings


Being ‘racist’ isn’t just a genetic flaw that can’t be overcome, and it’s always based in deeper issues that have next to nothing to do with immigration. People are racist because they think too many foreigners are getting jobs in Britain. This is largely due to these immigrants receiving training oversees and gaining qualifications funded by their birth country. This could be easily rectified if the government provided training and insisted that companies fund the development of employees. But, no, let’s just complain about immigrants


ital tek

People think it’s difficult to get a house because of immigrants. No, it’s difficult to get a house because the government refuses to fund social housing, and blaming it on immigration is exactly what the government want because it ignores their chronic failures


Instead of lazily calling someone ‘racist’ (even if they, y’know, are), instead we should be looking at their gripes and reframing their complaints. Many of the leave voters are only racist because hideous cuntflaps convinced them they were






Brexit didn’t come about because people were racist, it happened because people wanted change, and still nobody is even asking what change that is


‘Hollowed’ is absolutely cocking brilliant, by the way



Metacritic: +86

Fuck me! Good on ya, you crafty Norwegian legend!


Length: 55 minutes -9

Number of AMAZING songs: 1 (+10)

…But Are All the Rest of the Songs Kinda Amazing Anyway?
Hooooooooo, goodness gracious me, Yes

Is the last song just the first track but played on Ukulele? No -1

Total: 333


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