30 Car Seat Headrest: Teens of Denial

guitars arent dead

Maybe I’ve been too hard on guitars +37

Or maybe guitars and


are precisely as tedious and backwards looking as I have always feared, and the reason The Seats’ second release has such an impact is that it’s the sound of an artist refusing to bend to his genre’s limitations and take the sound into new and emotive places



‘Teens of Denial’ makes me feel like I was a teenager again and discovering guitar music for the first time, complete with lyrics that I can truly empathise with and understand. It’s a record that makes me want to scrawl lyrics on my wall and escape into on my headphones every time my Mum tells me to stack the dishwasher





I might not have mentioned that ‘Teens of Denial’ frequently rocks hard, so it gets

9 Guns ‘n’ Roses Points



The H-Rests are one of the year’s greatest mobilisers of mileage <not sure if that makes sense, but it sounds cool, so leave it in- Ed>, and this album offers us


(7:45), Cosmic Hero (8:31) and the spectacularly long The Ballad of the Costa Concordia (11:31) for an impressive



car seat.jpg

A big shout out to Bret Cahan for introducing me to the band, and much love to him for being possibly one of only 3 or 4 people who might actually read this list



Metacritic: +86

Length: 69 minutes.

Oof… Yeah, it’s a bit long, but I’m not going to punish them for the Wall of Tune, so it ends up

23 +26= +3

Hmmmmm, didn’t really think that through…

Best Lyric: ‘Maybe it’s a cause for concern, but I’m not at ease, keeping my head to the curb’ +1

Number of AMAZING songs: 1 (+10)

…But Are All the Rest of the Songs Kinda Amazing Anyway?

Oh, lordy-loo, yes


Is the last song just the first track but played on Ukulele? No -1

Total: 415


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