37 White Lung: Paradise



White Lung remain one of absolutely the greatest things in the world


If you were paying attention to Forbes ‘100 Best Things in the World’ issue this pat June, you would have noticed White Lung coming in at number 8, just ahead of ‘Getting a Package Delivered That You Forgot You Ordered’ and just behind ‘Juan Mata’



Forbes introduced their ‘100 Best Things…’ list in 1986 to counteract the negativity highlighted in their annual ‘100 Most Unashamed Cunts’ list


The ‘100 Most UnashamedCunts’ list was renamed ‘100 Richest People’ in 1996



White Lung are amazing because they’re one of the world’s greatest pop acts



Sure, they dress their music up in piercing guitar thrashes and primal screams, but underneath the metal tropes they’ve always rafted gorgeous melodies and power-pop choruses, meaning they have now managed to trojan horse their way through three gradually improving albums of depraved and bizarre pop music


white lung.jpg

This is what Power Pop should sound like in 2016: abrasive, challenging, unsettled and possessing massive

…well, not ‘balls’, but…



Christ, why are all English language terms either racist or sexist?


To describe the same sense of admirable courage and well-aimed aggression, the Chinese say ‘大胆子‘ (da dan zi), or ‘large gall bladder’, which I think we should adopt as a more inclusive way of celebrating marvellous people like White Lung


‘Paradise’ is perhaps even more incredible than I’d previously hoped, and displays 2016’s 最大的胆子



Metacritic: +79

Length: 28 minutes +18

God, I love this band

Best Lyric: ‘Her hips grind, pestle and mortar, cinnamon and cloves/Whenever he pulls out … loss’ +1

Number of AMAZING songs: 0 (+0)

…But Are All the Rest of the Songs Kinda Amazing Anyway? Yes (+70)

Is the last song just the first track but played on Ukulele? No -1

Total: 331


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