75 Banks: Altar

In case you haven’t noticed, the actual order of this list so far has been pretty fucking arbitrary



I mean, sure, as we climb up the list it’ll become a lot more definite, as the more amazing albums tend to develop true distinction from each other as part of the reason they’re so freaking great, but the last 40 albums (forty?? Jesus, I’m wasting my life, and will in all probability be dead before I reach even the top 10) are only really specified in my head by all being differing levels of ‘pretty great, I suppose’


I mean, I’ve already got Plants and Animals confused with Band of Horses, stuck PJ Harvey and T&S was too high because when I was listing it I just assumed that some quality would make itself evident before I wrote it down, and vastly underscored the genius Zeal and Ardor album just because I couldn’t be arsed changing the list around


maxresdefault (3)

‘Devil is Fine’ is still better than this album, by the way, and probably the next few as well


Hmmm, Vince Staples’s record is much better than this one as well…


download (33)

Jesus, DIIV shouldn’t be higher than Animal Collective either…



The ranking of Bankso’s album, however, is extremely deliberate, as it marks a shift in the albums of Necessary Evil 2016 up into the consistently brilliant, and ‘Alter’ is definitely the worst brilliant album of 2016


It’s still brilliant, of course- what part of this are you not understanding?- and contains 12 tracks of outstanding quality and admirable consistency, with even Mother Earth being no way near as bad as a song called ‘Mother Earth’ should be


It’s just lacking… something


Perhaps the glacial electro pop it deals in is designed this way, but it’s difficult to form any meaningful relationships with the songs, and any affection you hold for the album can never really move beyond detached admiration



Guys, I was just joking before about the list being arbitrary, it’s, like, totally scientific and shit, yeah?



4 Prince Points,

I guess?

Metacritic: +70

Length 44 minutes +2

Number of AMAZING songs:

Well… none… That was kinda the whole point of the piece


Is the last song just the first track but played on Ukulele? No -1

Total 123


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