71 Goat: Requiem

Firstly, I have seen conflicting reports, but I believe that the band are called ‘Goat’, as if

goat face

not ‘GOAT’, which would obviously stand for

cn punk.jpg

but I shall keep you abreast of all updates as I receive them


Whatever they’re called, The Ruminant Mammals are one of most pronounced reasons that

now is awesome.jpg

as people who claim the opposite are nearly always decrying the fact that there aren’t enough boring bands of white guys playing guitars, which if you’ve ever seen a picture of Ruminant Mammals


is precisely the opposite of what this at once gloriously daft and intensely marvellous band are


I’ve long loved ‘Requiem’ but in writing this entry I felt the need the actually Google the band, as despite my affections I had no idea what they actually are



Any artist being so difficult to categorise and explain is unquestionably a brilliant thing: as much as I liked Jerimeeeeeeeeear, for example, I didn’t need help in working out what he was


Despite being nominally an ‘acoustic’ album, it rocks hard enough to win

8 Guns ‘n’ Roses Points



Djorolen. Wh-what?? What are they even trying to spell?? Loooooooooooool!!1!!!

I’m still not 100% convinced that the band are even human, I suspect that their claims of homo sapien status are no less bullshit than their insistence that they hail from Korlimbolo, a small village in Sweden with a history of voodoo worship


The vibe can sometimes stray a little too far into the kind of ‘world music’ that Andy Kershaw pictures while masturbating, but you’re never far away from another blast of glorious insanity for the record to ever feel dangerously normal


Metacritic: +75

Length: 63 minutes –17

Is the last song just the first track but played on Ukulele? No -1

Total 127


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