80 Tegan and Sara: Love You to Death

We’re at number 80! forever moving towards the appropriate!!




Listen, I know things change, I am aware that even the things you love aren’t going to stay exactly the same forever, unless you love AC/DC or high school girls

reference kind of

and unlike the rest of you Neanderthal nonces I not only don’t fear change but frequently demand it: I change my underpants more than three times a month on average and I’m proud of never once defecating in the same room more than once for coming up to eight years now, and have never even used the same joke more than once


giphy (3).gif

Yet I find something inherently dispiriting about the way T&S have slowly remodelled themselves as vaguely nostalgic synth poppers, and not just because of nostalgia being the seed of all the world’s affliction, as I have previously explained


and it’s not because they’re in any way bad at wearing their new skin: you could argue that had ‘Love You to Death’ been released by any other artist I would love it intensely, as it frequently scales near Carly Rae Jaap Stam levels of pop perfection



My problem isn’t that TAS have changed, it’s that the change of direction is actually a significant devolution from their old sound. They were always a pop band, but they were a gloriously odd pop band, that would utilise tropes and facets of a thousand different genres to craft wonderful music that sounded unlike anything else. Of course it’s admirable that they didn’t want to keep churning out genius indie pop like Walking With a Ghost forever, but can’t we at least have ever so slightly peculiar and undeniably distinctive synth rock like Don’t Rush?


For attempting to emulate a sound He perfected, they can have

2 Prince Points

Fuck, I just remembered how brilliant Back in Your Head is



TAS used to combine countless genres to craft something distinctive yet never less than fabulous, now they have stripped back to one genre and sound depressingly like far too many other acts



And the problem with joining an already bulging genre is that old pop hands like Britney


can do this kind of disposable but enthralling pop so much better

No, I’m not calling Britney a ‘bunny-boilrt’, I’d never be that casually sexist, it rhymes with ‘spoiler’, see? I’ve been doing this ‘bit’ for a long time now, you really need to read the last 4’764 posts…

Metacritic: +78

Length 31 minutes +16

Best Lyhric: ‘If you get deep, you touch my mind/If you get deep, you touch my mind/Baptize your tears and dry your eyes’ +1

Is the last song just the first track but played on Ukulele? No -1

Total 110



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