Take Stats and Party

Before we get to number one, here are some random figures and facts because it’s Sunday afternoon and I’m bored


Country of Origin


Jeez, it’s the war of independence all over again and once again we narrowly lose out, how very embarrassing. If any act are listed from hailing from two countries (Ibeyi, UMO…) I generally filed them under the country that I found more interesting.

Album Length

album length

Wow, that Miley Cyrus album is really long isn’t it? The average length of albums is just over 48 minutes, which wouldn’t even fully fit on a single side of a cassette disk and so is therefore completely invalid.

Longest Track: Mortal Man‘ by Kendrick Lamarr

Shortest Track: Pressure of Survival (skit)‘ though that hardly counts does it?


Artist Album Number

album number

16 second albums beats 15 thirds, though because of Prince it’s on average each artist’s 3.85th album


Metacritic score


An average of 78.26% of critics liked the albums on my list, though they generally didn’t think much of Prince or Miley. D’Angelo and Kendrick Lamarr were the most admired albums by quite a distance.

Word Count: 17’086

Word I Used Too Much: ‘Masterful’

Word I Didn’t Use Enough: ‘Paraphernalia’

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