Absolutely the Best Songs…

Take a good look at my face, you’ll see my smile looks out of place, and if you look closer maybe you’ll trace, my tracks of the year in haiku form (I made this list very quickly, so please don’t shout)


10. ‘Scud Books‘ by Hudson Mohawke

The sound of pure joy

Being fed through meat grinders

God I love it so


9. The Fire Rises‘ by Cannibal Ox

I wish the album had

Maybe just a few more tracks

Half as good as this


8. It Ain’t That Easy’ by D’Angelo

Comes back with song that

Builds so astonishingly

And proves worth the wait


7. Loud Places‘ by Jamie XX

When you hear a song

This divine, you wish Jamie

Would make all music


6. Rock & Roll Is Cold‘ by Matthew E White

I think I love this

Ace song mainly because of

The way he says ‘shit’


5. Hinterland‘ by Lonelady


In just five minutes,

Lonelady proves she can match

Her influences


4. Huarache Lights‘ by Hot Chip

It’s raining outside

But I throw shapes to this song

Pretend I can dance


3. ‘Run Away With Me by Carly Rae Jepson

The best song this year

To capture the joy of love

And being alive


2. ‘Fourth of July‘ by Sufjan Stevens

Not ashamed to say

On more than one occasion

It has made me cry


1. Deliver‘ by Lupe Fiasco

A perfect marriage

Of words that cut deep that you

Can chant along to


The playlist of the year







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