37: Marina and the Diamonds: Froot

Marina Diamandis (that’s far too cool a real name!) has been an absolute master of pop music (pop mistress? That sounds far too perverse, I’m certainly not doing a Google image search) for more than five years now, although her last album ‘Electra Heart’ was a well-meaning yet ultimately failed attempt to create a character commenting on female portrayals in pop culture and society. On ‘Froot’ (maybe 2015’s best album title) she compensates for that artificial miss-step by taking her music to often starkly emotional places without ever losing her knack for crafting an absolute-stone-solid-mother-fucking-gold pop chorus. You worry that she may have thrown the bubbles out with the baby water sometimes by reigning in some of her more bonkers tendencies that once made her so engrossing, the record’s a little more reserved than her absolute best. The wait for that one perfect record I’m convinced she’s capable of goes on a little longer.

‘Fun’ Fact: Marina is plump and ripe, she’s pinker than shepherd’s delight, sweet like honeysuckle late at night

I like my music to be just a little bonkers: You’d love ‘I’m A Ruin then

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