41: Lana Del Rey: Honeymoon

…and so LDR merely twists tighter as she delves even deeper into herself, or rather into her own persona. I previously considered 2014’s ‘Ultraviolence’ as the most ‘Lana Del Rey’ Lana Del Rey album possible, but this Lana Del Rey album is so much more ‘Lana Del Rey’ that it makes the previous Lana Del Rey album barely ‘Lana Del Rey’ at all in comparison to how ‘Lana Del Rey’ this Lana Del Rey album is. It’s all here and correct, even if it’s passed of in a markedly darker production package than before, all the high drama and imagery so on the nose that it’s in real danger of inducing severe nasal trauma. Lana is making absolutely no concessions to the haters, so they’re left with nothing but continued attempts to deny she’s a wonderfully commanding presence.

‘Fun’ Fact: Lana Del Rey once described herself as a ‘gangsta Nancy Sinatra’. Ah Jesus, I think I hate her as well now…

Dude, do you know Lana Del Rey isn’t even her real name?? She’s so freaking fake… I’ve got some bad news about Scroobius Pip, listen to ‘Salvatore‘ and try to calm down

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