49: The Darkness: Last of Our Kind

The Darkies (hmmm, probably best that kids don’t call them that) went from being the biggest and best thing in the world to being the absolute worst and most hated in record breaking time, and their fourth album may see them win 2015’s coveted ‘Are They Still Going??’ award. Literally 140% (in your face mathematics) of the people reading this will hate this album without ever listening to it, which is a shame as it’s a brilliantly crafted and passionately performed rock set. You feel that The Darkness have done away with all pretence now and are only making great cock rock fun unashamed of neither its inspirations nor its intentions. Their music is still unimaginably silly at times of course, but now you sense there is no dreaded irony involved at all, merely a genuine love of their genre.

‘Fun’ Fact: The band recently went through three drummers in the space of a year, gardening accidents bizarre or otherwise unspecified, before finally settling on the son of Queen’s Roger Taylor. You can’t write this shit.

What’s just the right amount of silly? Lead single ‘Barbarian‘ of course

Album Link

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