Legit Bosses: 2021’s 121 Greatest Songs

You know it’s all about that boom! Legit Bosses, baybay!*

(*yeah, that song isn’t actually included. It’ll be on Legit Bosses 2022 though! I’m just a bit slow with these things…)

So, only 121 this year, a marked decline on 2020’s 125. So was it a notably worse year? Absolutely chuffing not. Despite the 2.928% drop in numbers, the quality on show is outstanding. Never mind the weight, feel the quality. The top maybe twenty songs especially are on some next level shit, and you haven’t seen so many GOATs since you traumatically happened upon Weird Uncle Colin’s problematic porn collection back in 92. I also shaved a few songs last minute, mainly because they were from albums due to be released in 2022 and I decided to make them Next Year Alex’s problem. Also, one or two I realised… weren’t… actually… that… good… So that just means the 121 that made the cut are all of such spectacular quality that you may want to warn the people around you before you start reading this list, as the floor between your legs is about to get soaked.

No, no, hey, maybe it’s you that’s too gross, ever considered that??

Anyway, let the festivities begin, here are the playlists:



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26 Olivia Rodrigo: SOUR

I’m so insecure, I think

That I’ll die before I drink


Ha! Trust me, Ms Rodrigo, if I died before I first drank, it would have made a lot of people’s lives easier! Your not missing anything, I promise. Have you ever tried Methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine though? That’s some good stuff, get it down you.

Christ, it’s a minefield trying to search for Olivia Rogrido photos. Like, is she twelve years old in that one?? I’m I accidentally turning this whole post into paedofodder? There’s also a lot of gifs of her doing something like sticking her tongue out but looped, which I’m pretty sure are just weird masturbation fodder for 40 year old men. OK, not many years until I’ll greatly appreciate all that pandering, but right now it’s still officially gross, OK? Jesus, this woman turned eighteen in February of this year, and this is her life now. Listen, maybe just read my Jordana piece and, like, amplify it.

I guessed you moved on really easily

20: Lonelady: Hinterland

Is Julia Ann Campbell’s merely a pastiche of the greatest achievements of her home town of Manchester?All the moves are here: the songs could fit snugly onto the hypothetical third Joy Division album released in 1981, the production mirrors the best of Martin Hannett, the dark shards of post punk mirroring Manchester’s post-industrial fall-out, I’m pretty sure the catalogue number is FAC502. The main difference is that Lonelady is absolutely good enough to be ranked alongside her biggest influences, rather than a talented tribute act enclosed in bondage by her own reverence. Lonelady’s 2nd album is simply brilliant, a brisk 9 songs and 47 minutes of infectious and angular new wave, there’s certainly tributes being paid here but they never over weigh the sheer quality of the songs. Manchester has been accused (often justifiably) of being a city far too in thrall to its own legacy, but ‘Hinterland’ shows exactly just how amazing it can be if you tune this worship into precisely the correct direction.


‘Fun’ Fact: The title track is one of the best songs to have ever come out of Manchester. Fact.

Sounds a little too objective to be considered a ‘fact’. Since I’m obviously going to go on and love this artist you may as well recommend another song for me: Absolutely no problem, try ‘Flee

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