Necessary Evil 2020 pt.5 (60-51)

#60 Halsey: Manic

Halsey sits in that awkward position of being an extremely, very, absolutely great artist, but at the same time being weighed down by almost being suffocatingly overrated by some corners. Also, she’s often really annoying.

Now that last (factual) statement may actually be problematic. Would I refer to Halsey’s objective annoyingness if she were a man? Truthfully, if she were a man I’d probably call her a ‘cunt’, but I’m always aware of how vicious it can sound to use such violent language when referring to a woman, so I’m slightly more polite. Is that sexist? To self censor my language and treat women more ‘gentlemanly’? Am I actually doing it because I feel that the curse is hilariously infuriating to a man but actually hatefully offensive when said to a woman? Is that idea sexist?? Should I maybe not be calling anyone a ‘cunt’??

Jump in any time, these are good topics.

If you show me that you understand this reference, I will honestly send you £50
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65 Pusha T: King Push- Darkest Before the Dawn: The Prelude

Wow, that title’s really colon overload isn’t it?


story time.jpg

Last weekend I went with my brother to the cinema to see the Terminator 2 3D re-release, because the only movies I care about are the ones I liked when I was a teenager and can equate it to a time when life’s relentless, ghastly struggle hadn’t yet destroyed all the optimism and vague concepts of pleasure that once trickled through my young veins, and I reject any new movies because they implicitly suggest younger people are getting enjoyment that is no longer available to me


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