#11 Hatis Noit: Aura

There was a movie released recently called ‘The Menu’. Did you see it? It was pretty great, a riotous ‘high concept’ comedy thriller, the kind of ‘middle class’ Hollywood film you don’t get enough of these days, where every movie is either a multi-squillion dollar ADHD nightmare where Marvel’s ‘Dr Thorcock‘ graphically violates DC’s ‘The Lib Pungent‘ in gold plated 4D, or a zero budget Slovakian mood piece shot on a Nokia 3320 that depicts a peasant girl attempting to collect enough dead rats to properly honour her village’s head priest who recently died of gout. Oh, and that priest is also a violent and sadomasochistic child abuser. Oh, and all these movies are 250 minutes long.

I’ll try not to spoil too much, but ‘The Menu’ (107 minutes) generally concerns a ‘menu’ that a chef is preparing for an extremely despicable clientele at his preposterously high end restaurant. A speech that the chef makes to all his diners before they sampled his creations really came back to me while listening to Hatis Noit’s debut album proper:

I have to beg of you one thing. It’s just one.

Do not eat.

Taste. Savour. Relish.Consider Every morsal that you place inside your mouth.

Be mindful. But do not eat.

Our menu is too precious for that.

And here I am attempting to explain the complete inner and outer body experience Hatis Noit’s ‘Aura’ is, trying to define what it (spit) sounds like when you experience it so skin deep as (gah!) listen to it.

You do not listen to ‘Aura’. What even is this? There are no instruments. There is only Hatis Noit’s voice, layered and intertwined, sometimes sounding like the most beautiful thing you’ve ever possibly imagined, sometimes hitting your very innards with abject intensity that you begin to wonder if you’re even enjoying it. Are you supposed to enjoy it?Are these even words? I don’t speak Japanese (I speak the other one), is there actual literal meaning in these sounds that are spilling between my ears?? What is happening to me right now?

Do not listen. Taste. Savour. Relish. This is art that isn’t just meant to be consumed and then have Spotify recommend similar artists. Experience it, perhaps, allow it to pass through you and chip off parts of your soul as it whistles through your nervous system. But don’t just listen. This album is too precious for that.


2018 #75

“I honestly love this record, and wish I was brave enough to put it much higher, I just don’t want to be ‘that guy’, y’know?” 😳

Metacritic: 85

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