#44 Rico Nasty: Las Ruinas

Talk sick shit
You gon’ have to show me
You gon’ have to show me
You gon’ have to show me
Rich bitch drugs
You gon’ have to blow me
You gon’ have to blow me
You gon’ have to blow me

Blow Me

I’m sorry to whomever’s reading this who was under the impression that I loved you. I’m sorry. I didn’t know what love was when I lead you to believe that. I didn’t know what ‘love’ really was. I don’t love you. I love Rico Nasty.

The actually quality of Rico Nasty’s music is almost irrelevant. The woman’s a fucking star.

She’s a star rapper. She’s a star as probably the greatest nu-metal artist of the 2020s. She’s a star as one of the true punks of the modern era. She’s a hyperpop star, with 100 gecs’ Dylan Brady‘s production credit here really exhibiting that the genre might lack a ceiling when it’s mixed with undeniable star power. When that star power and Rico’s electrifyingly unique and abrasive skills are front and centre, her music soars.

Which it definitely is on ‘Las Ruinas’ (Spanish for ‘The Ruinas’). Well, half of ‘Las Ruinas’. The half of ‘Las Ruinas’ that simply lights Rico’s fuse and watches her fucking go is an absolute riot. But then there’s the other half which… doesn’t do that. Around half the album is devoted to less breathtaking (and far less interesting) mid tempo electro-pop and near generic pop rock. It’s admirable that Rico is aiming to counter the conceptions about her and show legitimate vulnerability. I mean, listen to Easy, a sad and softly sung description of an abusive relationship. Regardless of how much you rate the song, you might imagine it’d be difficult to make work on the wider album. And, thematically, Rico struggles to marry half the album’s Chicken Nuggets – about her seven year old son Cameron – and the other half’s Gotsta Get Paids – “I ain’t with the dick-ridin’, rather eat a pig’s liver/You the type to brag about it, I’m the type to laugh it off/Niggas out herе actin’ super hard, but dicks be super soft/Bitchеs smoke my weed, now she wheezin’ with the COVID cough”.

But, like I said: it doesn’t actually matter, Rico Nasty can do whatever the hell she wants.

2021 #41

Metacritic: 73

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