18 Tape Deck Mountain: True Deceiver

Motherfucking yes! I always seem to need this album. I needed it at several points during a fraught and traumatic 2021, I need it now after the two previous entries today have taken me to dark observations of my own previous suicidal ideations and miserable conclusions of the state of transphobia in UK media. Every time I listen t it, it satisfies and calms needs that I didn’t even know I had. Musically, it’s just a transient example of everything that’s good in the world and a reminder of the inherent beauty of human creation.

Firstly, any aspiring rappers out there can take “Dark considerations of my/Previous suicidal ideations” as one of the bars on your debut SoundCloud mixtape. Thank me later, though of course I will be demanding the standard 45% cut of all proceeds.

Secondly, or rather firstly, technically, as I was talking about them initially before I dropped my new rap verse, Tape Deck Mountain are possibly my favourite find of 2021. They make truly soul shuddering post-rock influenced near shoegaze, but without the inherent contrarianism of the former and the fey politeness of the latter. Put simply and perhaps reductively, the jus fucking rock. Every track on ‘True Deceiver’ is a meaty and gloriously cocksure beast, and the record is easily the most neoteric and least pathetically in thrall to history rock record that was released in 2021.

I bought the album because I liked the cover, and, seriously, you’ve seen it, you understand, yes? I know next to nothing about this band. That picture of four ruggedly handsome rock bois up there? I’m not even sure that’s them! I want to gush myself into drool pools about the crunching and genital awakening bass guitar on this album, but I don’t know the bassist’s name! I don’t care, I’m here now, I’m fucking loving it, and I hereby announce myself as a passenger on any further trips their swampgazegrunge elects to take me on.


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