37 Pusha T: Daytona

Boom! This album is freaking awesome!


hmmm? What’s that? You want more? Errrrrrm…

I haven’t really got anything more to add on this particular album that hasn’t already been said. How about a good old fashioned conspiracy theory!?

That’s not the conspiracy BTW

I’ve been a little surprised to see that Pusha T’s record has been almost unanimously thought of as the best Kanye West produced record released this year. In fact, it’s extremely rare that any of his other four records are even considered amongst major music journalism magazines’ and sites’ lists of the year’s best. Is this because they knew that they couldn’t just completely ignore Kanye’s musical movements this year, but have decided that the man’s curious decisions this year mean he shouldn’t be given more than one place, and so decided to just focus all the praise they deemed him deserving onto the first album he released? This is already the second Kanye produced album on this listand there might be more. Should I be ashamed? Am I supporting Trump?

Also, when are we getting ‘King Push‘?? You can’t release a full length album as a ‘trailer’ for the record then just forget about it in favour of pissing about with Kanye and calling Drake a poo-poo head! Great album though.


21 minutes

Lost amongst all the nonsense this year is the fact that Kanye’s championing of crazily short hip-hop albums might be the biggest and most welcome musical development of the year.

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2016 (No.65)

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