Necessary Evil 2017

It’s Back (and Badder than Ever)

Only two months late!

I mean, like, it’s starting two months late, but expect me to actually get to number one some time in late 2034.

But it’s here, it’s here! Your pathetic lives have some focus and reason once again! 2017 won’t go down as my greatest list of all time (which, as we’ve all agreed upon, was that year I spent the entire list taking the piss out of Peaches Geldof which hasn’t aged badly at all), I was desperate to try and get back on real time after the drugs and manic depression aided quasi mental breakdown which gifted the world two books of insane yet unreadable genius but resulted in a swing back in mood that convinced me never to write again.

My mood thankfully swung back mid 2017 and I eventually managed to write a top one hundred and freaking seventeen albums of 2016, an astonishing achievement that not a single person read, save from Damian Lazarus slagging me off and Héloïse Letissier becoming my new best friend. I worked hard to collate 2017’s albums as fast as I can, setting myself the task of getting back onto schedule around date of the release of the next Manic Street Preachers album, because obviously.

Because of the short time I’ve had to explore 2017’s musical offerings, the albums that made the list aren’t as peculiar or obscure as I usually like: a lot of the entries in Necessary Evil 2017 (#NE2017 #BetterLateThanNever #HashTag) are ever so slightly predictable. I mean, the reason they appear on so many other lists is because they’re freaking great albums, but NE2017 has fewer hidden gems than usual.

Once I get onto 2018 though, o-ho-ho, I’m going to blow your fucking brains off with the shit I fire out, yer get me?

Due to time restraints, I was stricter than I’ve ever been: cutting out any album that wasn’t at least very decent, and resisting the urge to include shite albums on the list just so I could spend 750 words slagging someone off, which is always the easiest way to write (such a shame Liam Gallagher’s hilarious offering couldn’t make it), and even sadly jettisoning off the albums by artists I love that just didn’t cut the NE mustard (sorry, Elbow, really sorry, Miley…) and most galling of all leaving out the impossibly cool albums that I’m ashamed to say i just didn’t get (Kelela, Thundercat, Mount Eerie…). I was ruthless in deciding what albums could make the new slimline cut

Ended up with a top sixty. Fucking hell… Remember when it used to be top 20? No, of course you don’t…

Sigh, so will it be Kendrick Lamarr or Lorde…?






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