85 Jesu/Sun Kil Moon: Jesu/Sun Kil Moon

Firstly, there’s an elephant in the room here: what the heavens to murgatroyd is Sun Kil Moon’s name supposed to be? Is it a pun?? A pun on Ban Ki Moon?? Because that’s just… just… awful. And probably a bit racist


Oooooooooh, I’ve just Googled it: there was actually a Korean boxer called Moon Song-Kil/Song-Kil Moon. OK, I’ll allow that


sun kil moon.png

This album- the 6’764th that Sun Kil Moon have been involved in <Do you know what? Don’t even bother checking that, we seriously don’t have time- Ed>– is apparently a collaboration, though whatever changes British electronica/metal/pop act Jesu make to the accepted Sun Kil Moon sound is… subtle…


But that is absolutely no bad thing, as Mark Kozakalakazoo <yep, seems correct- Ed> continuing his reliably brilliant work as the American Arab Strap is extremely welcome



Lots of examples, as Sun Kil Moon can always be relied upon to provide a pleasurable length

you know

and the best examples on this release are album highlight Good Morning My Love (7:03), Last Night I Rocked the Room Like Elvis and Had Them Laughing Like Richard Pryor (8:03) and the gorgeous Exodus (9:44) for a total of



Exodus is also the best example of the album’s frequent ruminations on the death of Nick Cave’s son, which, although it’s lovely, can’t help it feel a little like:



self titled

Now, as you were no doubt taught at school, self-titled albums are only permissible if they are either a debut or signal a radical shift in style. Now you could argue there is a slight change of style attempted (though I struggle to see the affect on the general Sun Kil Moonness), but seeing as it marks the debut of this particular collaboration, I’m going to allow it and award it

5 Points

for respecting the trope


Metacritic: +75

Length 76 minutes








Best Lyric: ‘I don’t know when love became elusive/What I know is, no one I know has it’ +1

Is the last song just the first track but played on Ukulele? No -1

Jesus, I’ve been spelling ‘ukulele’ incorrectly all this time, maybe 20 entries all with it spelled ‘ukelele’ and I never once noticed the red line underneath it. Fuck, am I ever dumb


Total 85.5


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