25: Sleater-Kinney: No Cities to Love

SK’s much delayed eighth album shows that such periods of absence needn’t lead to such heinous crimes against humanity as last year’s Pixies album. Kinney don’t miss a beat as they breeze through 10 songs and 33 minutes of absolute new wave pop perfection, with hooks you could hang Mussolini on and choruses so big you initially mistake them for Tory benefit cuts. Yep, absolutely noting wrong here, move along…


‘Fun’ Fact: It’s pronounced SLAY-ter Kinney?!?! Oh no! I’ve embarrassed myself in front of so many far cooler people!

That review was barely using a quarter of your arse: ‘No Cities To Love’ is simply an album that achieves what it sets out to do with absolute minimum fuss and so the most appropriate reaction is really nothing more than an enthusiastically raised thumb, imagine something as finely crafted as A New Wave‘ repeated 10 times

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