45: SOAK: Before We Forget How to Dream

The debut album by SOAK (standing for ‘Such Onanism Angers Klaatu’) is a quintessential teenage album in many ways: it’s frequently dramatic; massively self-absorbed; can be either be undeniably lovely or infuriatingly meandering if it wants; gets its heart broken every five minutes yet goes back again yearning for the same feeling of hurt again; and is on the whole rather a confused affair. If anything you wish it would exhibit a little more teenage stereotypes such as recklessness and stupidity: this is a far too mature and safe sounding record for a 19 year old. It is however fantastically listenable and Bridie Monds-Watson’s (ha!) unique voice promises further amazement in the future

‘Fun’ Fact: Bridie was born nearly two weeks after Germany beat England in the semi-finals of Euro 96, which just isn’t possible

What?? You say her voice is ‘unique’ when it is CLEARLY a take on Charisma Coolay, who fronted Hungary’s biggest band Glacier Mince way back in 1985, did you somehow just forget them?? Sigh, just shut up and listen to ‘Be a noBody

Album Link

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