43: Peaches: Rub

It certainly doesn’t feel like it’s been 6 years since Peaches’ last studio album, maybe because you’re likely to still hear ‘Fuck the Pain Away‘ roughly once every 20 minutes if you ever deign to leave the house (which obviously doesn’t apply to me), or maybe it’s because her abrasive electronica paired with a celebration of life’s rather less PG obsessions has become bizarrely influential. Peaches’ main themes of gender identity, freaky sex and body dimorphism are if anything more prevalent now in wider culture than they were in 2009, so her songs’ impact has been softened slightly by their familiarity (if I told you the new Miley Cyrus album had a song on it with the chorus ‘Dick in the air, let me see you put your/Dick in the air‘ or ‘Can’t talk right now this chick’s dick is in my mouth’ you wouldn’t be that surprised). What nobody else can match though is Peaches’ talent for singing songs so explicitly about sex that never make concessions to sounding ‘sexy’, at least by heterosexual male standards.

‘Fun’ Fact: Peaches once lived with Justine Frischman and MIA in a flat that must have been so overpoweringly cool that my head would have exploded if I’d walked within three blocks of their front door

Just say, hypothetically of course, that the album started to drag ever so slightly toward its end, would there be any song to give it a much needed kick back to life? Funny you should say that, as that’s precisely what happens, but ‘Dumb Fuck‘ saves the day

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