23 Ed Harcourt: Time of Dust

Yes, another EP, but so what? This list isn’t a simple measure of how many minutes a record passes you know? And anyway as we all know it’s not how long it is but what you do with it that counts and a woman’s G-spot is only two inches inside her vagina (ah crumbs, I think I took that analogy a step too far). In fact the brilliant ‘Time of Dust becomes even shorter when you do the right thing and skip the drab and aimless first track Come Into My Dreamland. The remaining five tracks though are a near-enough perfect collection, a thrilling combination of Nick Cave and Jeff Buckley that’s darkly Gothic in parts but nearly always crescendos into grandiose wonderfulness. There’s also BIG brilliant choruses and hooks so pronounced Dustin Hoffman is portraying them in a 1991 film. Also on the 100th anniversary of first World War the fabulous We All Went Down With the Ship couldn’t be more timely.


‘Oooooooooooh, very evocative, yes very good Ed, can we all go home now?’

‘Just there… That’s where I dropped the body…’

‘Jesus… Anyone fancy a pint?’


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