50 Nick Mulvey: First Mind

Nick Mulvey’s debut is a wonderfully skew-wiff attempt at singer-songwriting. Mulvey shows he can easily master the form in its most standard definition yet also brightens up the album by taking the songs off onto countless unexpected and delightful turns- Nitrous is already a wonderful song so when it morphs into a short burst of Olive’s 1997 number one You’re Not Alone the fantastic strangeness of the decision only adds to the joy. Plus the fact that it’s actually about buying laughing gas only adds the general leftfield air, plus posits the album as being one that’s very ‘now’, only the really cool kids can properly appreciate it. ‘First Mind’ promises much more brilliance in the future.


Not great, Nick Mulvey scratches his head while he tries to remember where he left his keys while a friend takes a photo with his Nokia E66 which he still uses despite friends often complaining about its low resolution


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