48 Chuck Inglish: Convertables

I’m willing to forgive Evan Ingersoll’s sloppy spelling as this is his debut and I think it’s only around the 3/4th album that you’re really allowed to pull people up over their spelling of the motherland. And of course despite Chuck coming from the US, England still is the motherland, as I refuse to recognise the 1776 declaration of independance, much like 76% Americans in a poll I conducted/completely made up. Come on USA, you’ve had your little teenage strop, come back now, you’ve made your point. ‘Convertables’ is a brilliantly assured record that, while it contains next to nothing you’ve not heard before, contains fantastic hip hop songs built on killer rhythms. Anti-amputee anthem Legs especially sounds like a particularly brilliant Big Boi cut.

Full album


Chuck Inglish walks past his own record cover and spots a friend he knows the other side of the glass so pushes his face up against it attempting to catch his eye through the title

‘Paul! Paul! Paul! He can’t see me.. PAAAAAUUUL!’


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