76 Vince Staples: Prima Donna

Christ, my contacts in the hip-hop community


weren’t lying when they warned me about the dangerous dulling of acceptable hip hop names


‘Prima Donna’ is an absolutely brilliant record. Even if it’s technically an EP, that doesn’t make it any less impressive, just like Stuart not technically being your real Dad doesn’t mean you shouldn’t act so openly hostile to him, and at least thank the poor sod for the roller blades that he brought you for your birthday



Yes, I know you haven’t been into roller blading for at least twenty years now, but Stuart asked your Mum what kind of stuff you’re into, in an honest and admirable attempt to buy you a present that you’d like, and your Mum really struggled to think of the last thing that you’d unironically appreciated, the last time that you weren’t a sullen sarcastic mess and allowed yourself to enjoy something, and could only think of you liking roller blading as a kid. Have you perhaps thought about the fact that maybe Stuart isn’t the problem here?



Vinny-Stap had six fantastic songs, so rather than squeezing out the same number of songs again as quick as possible to ensure enough woefully inadequate filler to officially constitute an LP, he simply released an EP of outstandingly consistent quality correctly deducing that the art is more important than the numbers


Releasing albums that are as long as they need to be?

6 Prince Points

I wish more artists on this list were justifiably ashamed of their album’s weak spots and showed as much devotion to conciseness: if ‘Why are You OK’ was EP length, then the Band of Horses’ album would be amazing, with no dull country down time



Metacritic: +83

Length 21 minutes. + 25

Hey, guys, if you want to score high on Necessary Evil 2017, just release an EP #LifeHack

Best Lyric: ‘Stole from me, lied to me, nation hypocrisy/Code on me, drive on me/Wicked, my spirit inspired me’ +1

Is the last song just the first track but played on Ukulele? No -1

Total 120


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