Best Albums of 2013: Necessary Evil’s Chris Benoit

I’ve tried to put this off for a long time: the 2013 best albums list that I originally emailed off to ‘friends’ and ‘allies’ around Christmas that year is the final collection to be posted onto the webisphere and officially archived. I considered never doing it, denying its existence and never admitting to the shameful mistakes it contains. However, when I write my NE2017 list (soon, I promise) I want to make a point of referring to artists’ past entries in the Necessary Evil Blogging Universe (NEBU), so I’ve relented and made it available to read.

54 Michael Kiwanuka: Love and Hate

The impact of Kiwankoozie’s 2012 debut album was so wide reaching and influential that he was invited to perform on Kanye West’s   2013 album ‘Yeezus’, a record you may have heard of seeing as it landed all the way up in fourth position on the 2013 Necessary Evil rundown +12


The Full Count-fucking-down Have you noticed all those ‘best films/songs/books/soapy tit-wanks of 2016 so far‘ pieces of guff that are flying about cyberspace like an unusually critical swarm of locusts recently? What’s that all about?? Just another excuse for the laziest of journalists to whore themselves like your mum, baring their puckered anus to the passing crowd of … Continue reading NECESSARY EVIL 2016: PRE-EJACULATE