63 Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Sex and Food



While it’s purifying effect on my entire life can’t quite rival ‘Goodness’, UMO’s second best album of 2015 album, ‘Multi-Love’, was such an astonishing piece of work that it immediately marked out the Oregon/New Zealand band as officially one of the World’s Greatest Things. The album had Necessary Evil on it, fer Chrissake, which eagle-eyed readers may notice had a rather big effect o this blog. It was such an astonishing leap from their extremely passable 2013 debut, and I was so excited at the places their music would blast off to on their third album that I bought it as soon as it was announced.


Sure, the album was trailed with the underwhelming scuzz rocker American Guilt, but an album’s first single isn’t necessarily characteristic of a record’s sound, is it? I mean, Underdogs wasn’t really typical of the general ‘Send Away the Tigers‘ sound, was it?

And… erm… no… American Guilt wasn’t really emblematic of the general ‘Sex and Food’ sound. It’s got a tune behind it, for a start. And it’s actually quite a good song, when you listen to it enough. And… erm… yeah… not a lot of that on ‘Sex and Food’…

‘Sex and Food’ is a massive step back for UMO, much closer to their decent debut than the utterly amazing ‘Multi-Love’. It’s probably the most disappointing album of the year, especially because at least one song shows the kind of majesty the band are capable of.

Hey, let’s not dwell on it, we’re all still alive and one disappointing album won’t kill us, I still love you UMO, and I know you’re capable of beauty. Move along, everyone.


Unknown Mortal Orchestra: American Guilt VS Prince: America

Christ, Prince’s politics were… confused… to say the least. He dabbled in Reaganism, and occasionally implored Reagan to ‘talk to Russia‘, but every time He played with any sort of social commentary He generally leaned on Jeremy Kyle style alarmismAmerica isn’t a bad song, but you’re forced to ignore the confused and disjointed patriotism. American Guilt, however, is simply a certified banger, so Prince suffers another surprise loss.

I honestly couldn’t find a picture of the miserable bastards smiling


43 Minutes

This album was such a flop, I honestly listened to ‘Multi-Love’ again to make sure it was as good as I remembered. Don’t worry, it absolutely is

Previous Entries

2013 (No.32)

2015 (No.2)


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